John Paul Ficenec John Paul Ficenec


Since moving to Austin, TX. in February of 2021, I've found myself wandering around the inner-most caverns of my mind and soul. Sometimes I've had a flashlight, others not. What I've found can be summarized as follows:

Everyone is trying. Trying to be the best version of themselves. Sometimes we fail for many days in a row, even years. But if we are all collectively failing upwards and discovering more about ourselves and each other along the way, what more can we ask for? It's time to give each other a little more grace. More empathy. Most importantly, though, we must always be patient, kind, and gentle with ourselves first and foremost.

Then, the art we create can be pure, untainted by greed or the romanticized notion of the tortured artist. This is how we can free ourselves.

-John Ficenec, 2020